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More forum topics link to Go Pro screen. Answered


I believe this is a non-Pro member asking a question in non-Pro forum so it should be viewable by all. Clicking on the topic gives you the Go Pro screen. IE8 and Safari show same so it is not a browser error.

I went to member D4VOBRO orangeboard and his other previous topic brings up Go Pro screen also.


We need to come up with a name for this error, like you get the PSOD (Pro Screen of Denial)

>waits for someone to do the "seconded" or "thirded" thing and then we can approve the motion

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Umm, is there some secret "Pro" handshake or something?

Modded quote:
frollard:*spits on lithium rain's hand* THIS IS AWESOME!
caitlinsdad:Permission to speak freely
frollard:Go ahead
caitlinsdad:Y'all are gross.

Yeah yeah...fourthified blah.

Gmjhowes topic about the desktops of june goes to the Go Pro screen. I was so excited to post my new desktop background, since this computer is mine now!

Yeah, I probably didn't see that because things were so slow and wacky that day.

this really sucks.

Yes, if you have an error or malfunction in something that should be working normally.

I would like to clarify that this is a bug. Eric has stated it is not his intention to convert or move any posted general discussion topics under the cloak of the Pro forum. Only topics posted specifically in the Pro forums will be hidden from non-Pro users. You should still have access to these open forums whether you go Pro or not.

Can't access the "Desktops of June" thread.

It's particularly sucky when you've had a wild stab at fixing it by actually signing up, and it still doesn't work... L

Aye, but you still haven't wound up the Jamalatar competition... L


9 years ago

That link took me to Go pro too. with FF