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More help with movie props Answered

You guys were so helpful on my last query I thought I'd try again. I'm look for a way to provide an instant of sparks and smoke to 2 of the jet thrusters on my movie prop. The thrusters are made from the insides of several large twist on wire connectors. They were perfect for the job. Attached are pics of my Space Segway. I know they haven't released this model yet.


For the sparks I'd say to go with something like a small taser (disposible camera circuit. Replace the flash bulb with wires w/ gaps). I don't know how to get the smoke though...

If this is to appear properly as a space vehicle, you don't want any type of smoke, unless you're going for the 50's retro sci-fi look. Another possibility would be to use a very high voltage source (an old Color monitor) to create a plasma glow on your rocket ends. It would be rather faint so you'd want to work is a relatively dark environment and boost the exposure of the video later.

Buy model rocket engines. Carefully remove the solid fuel and cut into small chunks. Place chunks into "engines". Light at the appropriate time. You're working in a small area so getting on-demand sparks/smoke will be difficult.

Chuckr44, You got me thinking. Thanks for good tip. Here's what I think I'm going to do as I've already experimented. I found some really fine steel-wool. Made a tiny ball of to fit in one of the 'thrusters'. Then, using my butane cigar lighter turned all the way up I held the flame near the ball of steel-wool. It glows red hot and you can briefly see the blue of the flame. It's neat how one idea spawns another. ciao, ken wood

I think you have a good idea. Lighting will be an issue. I only need about a second burn time. I think I can use my butane cigar lighter as it burns very hot and has a tight flame.