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More ideas on secret stash spots? Answered

What other things can be used/ made as a secret stash spot, other than lighter, book, card deck, can, deodorant, or clothing?


instead of spending 30 bucks on all the materials go ro your nearest head shop and BUY a couple stash cans. They have a stash for all your fav drinks and they work magic.

a tissue box with half its tissues and a false bottom would be another good hiding spot

And also, again with taking out batteries, but old phones, take the battery out of the back you have a little tiny hiding spot.

The back of a guitar amp, unscrew it and you have quite a large cavity of space. Maybe if you had money you could tape it underneath a rug, because who lifts up and looks underneath rugs? If you took the batteries out of the right sort of torch I'm sure there would be enough space to roll up money or other small things that may fit in there. Old controllers or remote controls, take the batteries out, the Xbox 360 controller is a brilliant example, take out the batteries and you have a little cavity.

walls guns tyres book selfs behind posters inside matresess iff your carefull inide a tv acoustic chamber of a guitar i cant think of anything else

if you have a collection of someking such as teddy bear collection or book collection find a item that fits that category ex the teddy bear collection cut into it back pull cotton or whatever it is stuffed with out add your object and fill rest with cotton balls and make a velcro connector on its back. if you do not use a smart phone or laptop and you have the almost out dated computers with the tower, ussually there easy to pull open plenty of room in there.... or if it will fit in an empty paper towel tube place it in there and tape it to the back of your folding closet door if you understand what i mean by that. and7barton had a good idea with the door frame!!!! good job and7barton!!!

It's important to think of places no one would think to look even if they were trying. With magnets you can stick things in hard to reach places, like the back of a washing-machine. If nobody would touch you dirty-laundry, in a used sock. Potted-plants can be used (double-potted).
You need to look around and think "no one would think of that (except me)". For extra security think - "if the cops were searching this place would they find it?"


I agree and would like to add the most unconventional the better. my greatest places need tools or wit to get into. if you going to make it yourself think puzzles.


9 years ago

I took a drywall saw and a some screws and a chisel and removed part of the frame to the inside of my closet and used the saw to make a space to gut the space and now all you need is a screwdriver to remove short screws and now I have tons of space with a coverable hole. no one has ever checked it in years and years.

this is what i used to do untill i found a better place. under my sink there was two drawers, and they were about 6in off the floor and was hollow under the drawers so i took out 1 drawer and put my stuff in the hollow spot like pocket knives, money, kno3, and other stuff and NOT PORN

in an update, put ur stuff in a shoe box in the hollow space so bugs dont gut into ur stuff( i live in the basement and have labybug problems)

birdhouse. Think about it; nobody looks inside them, and they "seem" too high to be a practical place to hide something.

a birdhouse i used to have got infested with giant spiders. haha. not doin that again...

Remember, anything you publish here is no longer secret. If you don't want it added to someone's checklist of places to search, don't post -- and if you don't want yours to be on such a list, don't use someone else's suggestion-- invent your own. My recommendation for hiding keys outside, for example, would involve a jar buried deep in a non-obvious place on your property, findable only if you know which landmarks to triangulate from. That isn't what I've done -- I rely on the fact that a family friend has a copy of my key -- but it illustrates the kind of approach you need to take if you really want to keep it "secret".


9 years ago

Inside your computer's case. If you have a pc, most have plenty of unused space that things could be stored in.

a hollowed out 9v battery can as a stash or put somthing inside the case of a desktop computer or under the carpet!!!

Inside the tops of your hollow interior room doors - Make an insert with a box-like hollow shape - then hack out the top wooden stiffener that forms the top of your door to match, drop the hollow part in and secure with fine pins. You can store pretty large items in there if they are narrow enough....even a pistol. No-one ever climbs up and looks at the top edge of a door. For an even more clever refinement, make a cover for it that matches (or uses), the original top edge. Then the only thing that will find your hidden item will be a metal detector.

anything with any volume to it can be made to conceal something else.