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More in Digital Stalking.... Answered

I know this is old news, but....
pushads1.jpgBritain's ubiquitous CCTV video surveillance network has nothing on Japan's Orwellian nightmare in the making. One of the country's top electronics firms, NEC, has just announced a new plasma display fitted with a tiny camera that can accurately identify a person's age and sex in order to target them with specific advertisements....

Here is the LINK to the original site I came across.



9 years ago

Just another reason to wear one of these or these...


Big Brother stuff aside, I see a couple problems with this... First of all, suppose a 9-year-old girl and her 42-year-old father are watching TV. Does the TV show them Craftsman's newest cordless drill, or tour dates for Hannah Montanna's next concert? Or perhaps, both commercials, one after the other? Suppose halfway though the Hannah commercial, little girl goes to get a snack. Then Dad has to put up with it. Scenario #2: For some reason, suppose Dad is watching the Disney Channel by himself. He finds the Hannah Montanna show humorous. He is an outlier to his sex and age's sterotypical demographic. He might not want to see commercials of Craftsman's newest cordless drill. In fact he may just want to know when Hannah Montanna is going on tour again. Just saying. Flawed concept.

Yeah, it will still serve the majority (or shall we say: dis-serve).

But the majority certainly didn't do anything to deserve it!

Indeed, many times the majority is punished for the sins of the few.

:O Remind me never to go to Japan....

Heh. Japan is coming to you, my friend, whether you like it or not....

D'oh! And I like Honda bikes so much :(


9 years ago

That is just not right

Links to a Hynadai Nuvis advert as far as I can see Goodhart, does it need checking? ( I've had beers )