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More on the LHC Countdown Answered

The Large Hadron Collider is indeed large: the underground particle accelerator is about 17 miles in circumference (it is circular). Located between France and Switzerland, the LHC is now almost ready to begin full-length particle accelerations. Researchers are attempting to collide protons together that are accelerate to 7 TeV (tera electron volts).

Following Tetranitrate's first post, LHC Countdown, people have been looking for more information.

Even More on the LHC from Kiteman, with more explanation.

Here is a great set of pictures from Boston.com, showcasing all stages of production of the LHC.

For a better visual understanding of how it works, take a look at this LHC animation from the official LHC web site.

More general information from the LHC web site.

As I like to say, this is large and in charge.


Now I understand why there are so many black holes in the universe and so little intelligent life.

"Big badda boom" ,yeah yeah big badda boom, I get it

excuse me for bein dumb on this topic but what exactly will this thing do???


9 years ago

Actually they are thinking of shutting it down, They have some evidence that the particles the LHC will create in the future can sort of "time travel" to the past, preventing the LHC from ever operating. "the paper suggested that future effects caused by the production of particles, such as the Higgs, could ripple backwards in time and prevent the LHC from ever operating."

Why would they need to shut it down if it would paradoxically shut itself down? That in itself would be a groundbreaking occurrence. (or non-occurrence?) Seriously, why?

Would that not cause a paradox?

They won't know until they try.

The count-down;

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 >click< 0, 1, 2, 3, ...

lol yea. I just have a vision of a guy in the control room doing that XD. "9,10....Hey....something's wrong here..."

Not if the builder's grandfather came back in time and they killed him.


9 years ago

We are about to witness one huge leap for human kind..being for better or worse, i believe is something that needs to be done, for the better understanding of our universe. I'm reading posts of people hoping they shut the project down..what are you doing for this world??. we all have to understand that if we don't risk..we don't get anything..Big up for all the scientist working in Europe..hopefully and thats all we can do HOPE..that everything goes as plan and if something does go wrong we all can learn from those mistakes..and that only if we are still breathing..

i heard that it has a possibility of creating tons of mini black holes that keep getting going into each other and getting larger.

Yeah, I heard about that too! If it does create micro black holes, IT WILL EAT EARTH ALIVE!!!!!!

yeah, i hope it gets shut down before the earth implodes.

We're all going to die.

allllways look on the bright...siide of life *whistling*

think of it this way would you rather die after 2 weeks of painful skin cancer (boring and painful) or be consumed by a ginormous black hole that could instantly consume our galaxy (awesome and quick, but mostly AWESOME).

Large Hadron Rap

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Why in the world would someone try to make something that could potentially harm everyone just to test something they will never really understand. I hope the European tax payers didn't have to pay for such a bad idea. We could have cured cancer with that money or built a space center. But no, they built a harmful science experiment for what, they don't even know!

Ahhh! Physics! Well one question begs an answer. IF this device does create a black hole, however so small, and said black hole consumes the Collider, how then will the collider sustain the production of black holes, given Newton's second law? Just wondering. raving apache


9 years ago

i cant wait.......... must keep alive...... its gonna be a better world soon....

I can't wait until they start this bad boy up.

me too. :) -hopefully it will enable alien contact!

I can't wait to say "HA! The Earth isn't a black hole!

whoa.. absolutely incredible.

Hopefully that stupid guy from boston who was spamming all the scientists working on this project won't do something stupid.

i see you, Kiteman. I'll link over--didn't notice your post before.