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More questions about an office shredder than you might expect :) Answered

EDIT: I ruined it so I will not be fixing it. But I'm sure this gets typed into Google a lot so if you reply it will help others...

I recently received one of those big (ish) office paper shredders from a company of a relative of mine to take apart (they know me... :) because it wasn't working like it was supposed to.

After having the idea of fixing and selling it, I read online and figured out that the shredder had never been oiled, so I did that.
But the shredder (motor) keeps heating up, like A TON compared to the 12-15 sheets it's supposed to handle. I can shred maybe 4 sheets at a time maybe 20 in total before it shuts down in the middle of the operation. I think this might be for overheating protection.

Does anyone know what would make the motor heat up so much? Maybe paper dust got into the motor/bearings and makes it work extra hard? And it's not like I can turn it by hand because of these gears. I think it's a brushless motor but it's hard to tell because it's very compact inside.

I do know that after it had shut down, I stopped working on it for other reasons, but after two whole hours I came back to work on it and was shocked to find out the motor was slightly warm!

Anyone know? I can't find any more info on Google. Thanks!


I did take it apart and after a closer look inside I could see that the tips of the shredding parts were blue - possibly losing their hardness from the heat from being overused. But they don't feel dull to me. This currently isn't an issue.


10 months ago

I would bet the machine alignment is dislodged, possibly due to being dropped..

Sometimes a proper hit with a dead blow hammer


in the correct part of the motor mechanism while running can correctly realign the gear train and bearings... You can hear the improvement motor sounds..

Do not hit the plastic unless you see the where a split crack wont reset by hand..

Good luck..

Aha! I know the creator of that horribly misleading Instructable!

I kind of doubt this is what will solve the problem. I was only told that it doesn't work as expected, and I don't know how it sounded when it was brand new. A sprayed a bunch of CG-90 (teflon spray) onto where the bearings are, but I also doubt that will help.

I will take apart the gears and stuff until I reach the motor, and see if I can test it. I'll film a timelapse video of it on my phone and just play it in reverse in case I get stuck assembling it back together. I think it's the motor...


Still I am serious about a rubber hammer blow realigning the mechanics and you don't need hear a good drive to recognize when a motor that is suddenly running better.. Part of assembling electric drills is a mallet man on the production line..

Well, I managed to ruin other stuff in the shredder, like I manage to do to every other device that I take apart to repair... Ooops. And the motor feels like new.

No $$$. But awesome stuff inside!

maybe you can make a manual paper shredder now. Figure out a way to attach a crank on the side. I think i've seen an instructable on here about doing it.

I've taken it apart now, but I did think of trying to power it with my drill, but I have no use for that type of finger eater!