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More sites with interesting projects? Answered

I am not sure how I stumbled onto this site but I'm totally hooked. I love all the little projects that look like a lot of fun and have even tried my hand at several! I just got done with grad school and have a lot more time on my hands so I was wondering if there were more sites like this perhaps that specifically focus on interesting decoration/lamps/knicknacks etc. If this is an inappropriate question for these forums, I apologize! I just really enjoy seeing what types of things people are doing and getting ideas for things to do on my own :D



11 years ago

Thanks! Those sites look interesting too!

There were curbly ads all over the place on here earlier this week... I checked it out and it's okay - but I like instructables more. I also go to etsy.com and craftster.org - there are not always tutorials to go along with the ideas, but I really like looking at the things other people have made. :D