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More things to do with old keyboards Answered

I saw these things in the window of a store in San Francisco today, but the picture I took of the store's name didn't come out. I may have to do something like this next time I find a dead keyboard on the street (or, you know, lying around the office).


Those are so cool! What berkin said about the 3D art thing would be cool too.

lol that's pretty interesting!!! x_X


9 years ago

You could somehow attach the keys to your wall in an interesting pattern, to make 3D art.

wire the circuit board to various sensors and switches etc plug it into computer use it to control the project

Agreed, I gut the ones they throw away at work, for this very purpose :-)

Those are so cute! :D That's pretty inspiring. I wonder what else I can do with them. My favorite thrift store has an entire area full of keyboards, typewriters, and old computers.

Ok guys, you better hide that old style clickly IBM keyboard that you love... Rachel is on the look out.... Hide your ~~keyboards~~ Children!