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More volts to electric bike- safe? Answered

Got an older brushless hub motor + charger at a street sale: 36 V, 240 W. No controller. Would it be safe to increase the voltage to, lets say, 48 V, or even 60 V; or would it fry? (controller has to yet be made). I assume the power would increase to 300W or 360 W.

My 12 V cordless drill has no probem dealing with 18 V, that's why I came up with this question...


Power = Volts x Amps

More power more heat

IF you can get rid of the excess heat you MAY be able to increase the motor power BUT your not likely to get a big return for the rick.

The motor will have a best torque curve for a given voltage and current.

You cordlesss drill isn't run for very long. and has time to cool down again.

The more power you put into the motor the faster you will wear it out. Nearly doubling the input voltage could nearly half the life of the motor. Not only do you have to worry about dissipating heat so that you don't burn out the wires but you also have increased RPMs which will wear out any shaft bearings. Those bearings will be the first thing to fail in the motor.