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Mortars ideas Answered

heres a spot we can put up ideas about mortars. look for "tennis ball mortar" for the base idea and then you can modify off of it. i been thinkin mabey mortar that can shoot like a shotgun, (air soft pellets or bbs) or a huge cannon that can shoot footballs lol. ill think on it and post somthing. good luck with ur ideas and have some fun. ...mabey pvc pipe for the barrel or somthing...



hey i can try to make a LAW anti tank launcher that shoots nerf footballs for you or a Paintball mortar.

lol sounds cool. i was thinkin somthing that can shoot soccer balls or somthing lol.

yeah get out of that idea ! way to expensive nerf football launchers are highly expensive! so stay away from that ! go for smaller calibers!

well yes they are expensive, but my mom and stepdad drink coffee like a fish so i was just gunna collect a couple coffe canns, (dramatically cheaper if my parents buy half the supplys lol) then all i have to do is buy some duct tape to hold it together, and some razor knives or a can opener to cut some baffles lol)

hahahha yes nice! be4 you mke it fully make and instructable on it! or do a how to video make it bout 4 or 5 feet long !