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Mosquito Flamethrower Answered

It's a DIY mosquito flamethrower for when you want to go nuclear on the little buggers.

What could go wrong?



Where can I get one?

damn, thats beautiful!

If I were you, I would probably use silicone, WD-40 or some other kind of lubricant. They burn well.

propane and butane are the best readily available fuel sources. with lubricants and other aerosols you get these nasty, sticky biproducts.

i used aerosol white lithium grease before, and the resulting fireball (its a nice one) rises. i aimed it at the floor in my garage and it almost hit the ceiling. by far the most interesting aerosol flamethrower i've done, although a friend had a can of axe that burned green.

We have a product down here called "Start Ya Bastard" Which is an aerosol that contains ether (I have done no research on this whatsoever, and am working entirely from drunken memory. It may be a product from the UK) I think the company that produces it is Wynns . It is used to start engines that won't. This is what I will be using to throw flame. What could go wrong? Fire=-better. Bigger fire= betterer.

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life!! Fire ALWAYS makes it better.

I wonder if there's an ible on it...

"Hi, Billy Mays here, with the new Mosquito Flamethrower..."

get one of those pump up aerosol cans and fill it with gas

Golfers would pay more then a bit for one of these to keep in their bags, some courses are bug and mosquito havens! First class camp fire starter, signaling device, and boondock pipe lighter!

Whats in the can?

Taft is a hair spray, if I am not mistaken.....

I DEMAND AN IBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! -FAVED-

 oops wait.... i cant fave a forum topic... LOL oops.. 5 stars then :)

I demand an ible!


8 years ago

there are mosqietos in uk.ive been.do you(yes you english kid)know a nathan

The safest way to burn your bed ...


8 years ago

i think you've just invented the most exciting beehive annihilator.

ive build something like that out of a old spray gun adaptor for a aersol can  ! its hand . shame we dont have mosquitos in the uk . I just use it for small animals rats gerbils the neighbours dog . (only joking i just use it on ants and police officers)

It's a "shame" that you don't have mosquitoes?  Have you ever been bitten by a swarm of them?  Or been awakened by one that hovers by your ear only to hide when you try and kill it? Honestly, it would make my summers pure bliss if we didn't have mosquitoes.  Come spend a summer in Ontario Canada and we'll talk lol.  I'll find other things for you to throw flames at.  Anyone for a quick smore? ;0)

Ok you come stay at my small house in England and ill swap ! 

although you havbe a point mosquitos sound awful !

I would be totally open to that idea!  My house is small too.  I'm not kidding.  I do live next to Georgian Bay, and many tourists come from all over the world  to my town to explore.  I also have a question...  Can you tell me how I can find the list of Instructables that I have bookmarked as favourites?


Click your name on the comment above and scroll down and it will tell you your favs

I could ship you an egg sack that has a few million eggs in it....in an envelope, no less, so you could share in the joy, if you wish :-)

*wields his flamethrower* id imagine the postage police would see your name on the return address and immediatly Burn it ! 

*goodhart sending more nuclear devices*

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire in the hole!

in the whole neighborhood I mean.


Sweet project.

lol, i alrdy did this with a lighter attached to a clean spray thingie. the only difference is that i use it against spiders.

Who doesn't need a bedside flamethrower?

 Aye.  I would have never thought of the people who already have bedside mounted flame turrets.

I apologize for being prejudiced, and omitting them.

It's laser guided. I programed it in Perl. Took 153 lines of code.

Would it be safer to use a small piece of copper tubing from a hobby store to act as a spark arrestor? jb weld to protect the nozzle from melting? also a electronic ignite lighter from a bbque would add to consistincy in lighting.
Please plan safely if you are reading this idea and new to triing "crazy s**t" I  have seen the result of a can bomb, the flame lit the dribble on the can and melted the top, fortunately the guy threw the can in a garbage dumpster before it detonated because the fire bal was HUGE!!. good luck and let me know what you use for new eyebrows when the wind shifts, i love to play with fire(as long as nobody gets hurt or property damaged.)  Cool idea, I look forward to trying it.

that's typically how i get rid of spider webs (i don't have anything against spiders...per se.... i just can't stand spider webs). can of hair spray and a lighter...that would be a much niftier approach


8 years ago

I love it! Interior Alaska is famous for mosquitoes, we don't have 'em too bad on the coast.

Hahaha he is using it in bed, would this work on spiders ? i dont want to burn my walls though

It would definitely work on spiders. I tried using an aresol can and a lighter and did it on a wall. didnt even leave a single peice of evidence i used it besides the dead ants.

is that a picture of you by chance?


8 years ago

Hmm.. That might be useful for fending off wasps while mowing... Or it might piss them off more lol. 

I want one! Still, it would be even cooler see one that actually does go "nuclear" on them...

I think a mosquito can actually be set on fire for a few seconds.

Mosquito + flamethrower = the literal firefly