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"Most Popular" ... ? Answered

I was curious how the "Most Popular" section on the front page works, it's great and shows some wonderful Instructables, but I'm curious as to how an Instructable with just 67 views gets #1 on the list.

Is it views / time? Comments / time?



I think things get in the most popular list as soon as there featured.

You should contact the editors about this if it bothers you.

Something like that.

I had it explained to me some time ago, but all I remember is that there's an algorithm involved...

Sounds like there's some one smart behind it, just like the rest of Instructables!

Interesting and scary at the same time. Here comes "The end of the world as we know it"

It's just recently featured Instructables, at least for the most part. Cross check 'Recent' against 'Most Popular'.

Never understood that since there is a category of 'Popular' that is determined by views over time.

The 'Popular' category seems more appropriate, the tab on the home page just looks like recently featured.

It would be useful if it listed most popular for the day, for the week, for the month... worked out by views / time, that could be most appropriate!

Great topic/question, Kryptonite! For those of us with inquiring minds, and I think that pretty much includes us all (instructables community), it begs an answer. Is an algorithm something that allows someone to take great liberties,with, i.e., tweak statistics to fit one's needs? It would seem so. I've often wondered how the "featured" label is applied. There have certainly been times when one of my instructables wasn't featured and I thought that surely it would be...and conversely, ones I would rush through would be featured. So I think, in the end, it comes down to one editor, or decision maker, as the case may be who is responsible for all of these types of issues, even to deciding who wins and who does not...human nature being what it is, and prevailing in the end as it were!

All those instructables are usually featured ibles and ones that the community team like!

One of my ibles was shown there and that day my views count for that ible went up by 6000+ views!