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Most difficult basslines Answered

Anyone know of any difficult to play bass lines that are worth learning?


classical thumb by Victor Wooten

i saw victor wooten in concert a couple weeks ago, best bass player ever


10 years ago

Jerry Was a Racecar Driver - Les Claypool Get on Top - Red Hot Chili Peppers those are top two difficult but definitely worthwhile bass lines. Both are quite tricky for the plucking/picking hand.

I thought Jerry was a racecardriver was by The South Oark guys, the name escapes me, Money (Pink Floyd) isn't particularly hard, but it's really fun, Sweet Child of mine has a pretty high bass line...

Try jazz fusion tunes by Jaco Pastorius or Stanley Clarke.

Try the bass solo from Muse - Hysteria.

well anything by primus is challanging. there are a handful of Red hot chilli peppers songs that are pretty hard. Rage against the Machine is one of my all time favorites nothing very hard..... but fun as hell to play