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Most effective way to incinerate cardboard, paper and wood??? Answered

Hi everybody,

i would like to know what i can make to burn off a lot of woodbricks, paper and cardboard without creating a lot of smoke.
preferably no smoke at all.

i was thinking on making a small incinerator that reuses the smoke created while burning wood and paper.

Any idea's on how to make this???

It has to be strong enough to be used over and over again for quit some time.



6 years ago

I've seen the normal burn barrel design to work quite well. Get a barrel, cut the top off, poke some large holes around the bottom.

I can't remember where I saw it, but you can make a self-heating gasifier.

Imagine a metal barrel, on its side. One end is made into a door, and beneath the barrel is a small hearth or fire-place.

The barrel has a chimney, but it comes out of the other end of the barrel, and feeds into the hearth via a bunch of small holes (think gas burner).

You fill the barrel with card, and build a small fire in the hearth.

The fire cooks the paper until it starts to smoke. The smoke is flammable, and when it ignites as it leaves the chimney, it will burn and continue to heat the drum, reducing the card to ashes and the smoke to... not much.

Thats a nice idea.

was the barrel a oil drum off some sort?
and the chimney, is it connected to the heart al trough the barrel, or is it just a chimney with a gasburner inside?


Yes, an oil-drum.

The chimney, it comes out of the back, down, and then under the drum, between the drum and the hearth, so that the smoke is lit by the flame of the hearth.

Here (at this link) is another idea that could work. I've seen several styles of such stoves for wood/paper etc at The Mother Earth News site (the originator of the magazine of said name) over the past 30+ years.