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Mother Earth News DIY Archive Answered

For those who might not know it, or care ;-) Mother Earth News has an archive of DIY projects online. And don't just think it's a bunch of hippie green projects because of the source, check out this project or this.

The only down side is that in many cases the diagrams are not available, but that just frees you to use your own methods.


We cannot say enough good about the education we get from Mother Earth News.

We have been doing organic gardening all our lives, but still find some helpful hints to make our gardens better, easier to manage and more beautiful. Thanks so much!


9 years ago

Mother Earth News used to be cool. I don't often buy any new ones any more, I'll buy old ones (like 70s and 80s) every chance I get. The changes are summerized best thusly: Todays mother earth news will show you how to buy a "hobby" tractor for $35k Yesterday's Mother Earth News will show you how to build one out of a volkswagen and access to a scrap yard. Still some gems in there from time to time.

Quit moaning. It is back. It has the potential to be better. There is an archive of excellence of HOW TO, we can sustainably take this great land back from this fantasy dependence our society has bought into.

I wasn't moaning. I voted with my money and quit buying the kinder gentler sissified Mother Earth News.

Does anyone have a copy of the articles that were published. around #50 to 60 that gave detailed directions for making a Solar Furnace.  This was now indow unit it was a major piece of work.  It was divided into 5 ot 6 issues and covered everything from the framing, plumbing and even a tracking unit.  I have the above 3 articles but cant find the others.  Like how to build the collectors etc.  I am "desparate " to get this stuff all together so I can try and build on of these Bad-Boys.  Thanks
                                                                         GETTING COLDER IN WI.

its too bad they screwed so many members when they went bankrupt. I had just sent away for a lifetime membership received 2 issues and no more then a letter soying SORRY. would you like to buy a new membership I haven't picked up their mag since. they owe me over $400.00

All RIGHT ! Mother is back ! I haven't seen an issue of T.M.E.N. for so long I nearly forgot about them.....(it is never good to forget your Mother). I subscribed to the mag for nearly 6 years. I am glad they are "online" and not just sharing to "subscribers only"....totally COOL.