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Motherboard preference Query (asus, msi, gigabyte) Answered

They are almost identical, and I am trying to decide which one to buy.

Any help?



Brand won't matter. All 3 are good. I've used many Gigiabyte boards over the years and have no complaints.


I've always used ASUS mobos and am biased in their favor because I've never had a problem with them. But, mpilchfamily is right, just compare the features and choose whichever best fits your needs.

I went with Gigabyte


4 years ago

I have had Asus boards fail. Of course that happens to almost everything but I was disappointed at how long it took for them to resolve the problem as it was under warranty. They actually repaired the board and sent it back rather than replace it and that took a long time. That might have been improved upon since. I do still use Asus boards.

MSI however has had almost a 0 failure rate for me. I can't remember one of them going bad. I have had bad processors turn up in MSI boards and it has become the norm for me that if I get a dead system with an MSI board I always look at the other components first since the boards are so reliable. However, failure rates on all of them are very low so it will probably never be a factor for you.

Asus has had some great heat dispersing ideas but who knows, that may have come from necessity if the boards have heat issues.

Best thing to do is look up the reviews for each board and see what places like Tom;s hardware are saying about them.

For me sometimes the deciding factor becomes price. If they have almost identical features and they would both fit the need then I go with a cheaper MSI , if it is cheaper. Another thought, you may want to look at each boards spec site and see what the BIOS updates look like. A lot of updates could mean that they have had problems. On the other hand a lot of updates could also mean that they are actively reviewing the boards and fixing issues that come up. Who knows?

There are some board companies that I will never buy from again. They are the ones who try and find ways to get out of warranty issues. I had one that told me I had to FAX them all the info including the receipts. Then they would say they never got the fax. After several weeks of this stall tactic they finally told me that the warranty period had expired just a few days earlier. Yeah, they spent six weeks putting me off until it expired and then said they would not support it because it went out of warranty. I bought over 30 boards from them for a special custom build project. Never again. But these board companies are not any that I have had issues with.