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Motherboard rack! Answered

I just worked on this some yesturday, and these are the results I have in the picture. I've been wanting to do this for a long while, to have motherboards stacked in a rack configuration using nothing other than the motherboards themselves and threaded steel rods. I had to make the holes on the motherboards larger using a diamond bit on my dremel, and very teadiously carve away at the magic compound (PCB) that contains a secret mixture of equal amounts pixie dust, and wood glue. when I was done, this is what I resulted with as you'll see in the end picture, the only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that it has started to put pressure on some of the rods causing my asus board on the bottom to bend slightly, this is because they are either bent, or for some reason perhaps the brass nuts I'm using weren't threaded completely straight up and down, either way I'm not TOO worried about it. No I have no actually powered them up yet to see if they work, thats another thing I'm working on, more outlets. I will post when I do. I do have one question of anyone who stumbles across this! Does anyone have an idea for some kind of consolidated power supply situation with these motherboards? I plan on using some longer rods if this ends up working out fine, then I could stack, say maybe 10 of them at once (thats my goal). Would that mean I also have to have a stack of 10 desktop power supplies? Cawm on, I'm trying not to kill my hydro bill.


Just wanna know how this all worked out for you. If it did, I want to build my own! ( but I have not the slightest clue where to start :( )

Acrylic sheeting you say?! Interesting >:D

Looks very cool!!
Good to see you around again too.

I'm honestly disappointed though, I was hoping for the mother of all racks...

This is definately a work in progress. I'm going to expand upon it this week, I'm heading into town to get some longer threaded rod, for example. I need to figure out some way to incorporate the hard-drives and power supplies into it though.

Oh wow, I'd like to see more of this. L

I'm going to see about getting some more threaded rods, but instead of buying one and cutting it to four sections like I did here, I want to buy four, and be able to stack various motherboards, I might also consider buying more than four so I can support the weight better. any ideas how I can distribute the weight better?

These things are meant to be mounted at various points, the boards themselves shouldn't be used as structural members. You'd want to have them mounted on steel / thick acrylic / wood sheets I guess. Nice acrylic & some UV lighting? L

I think the acrylic sheeting may be in order!


Oh, woops, it worked as far as my topic finally posted, still haven't tested the mobo's yet.