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Motion Sensor Toilet paper Dispenser project Answered

I have a project for school where i have to create a motion sensor toilet tissue dispenser kind of like a tiny paper towel dispenser i could put on a counter. I dont know anything about how motion sensors work or how i would make it work. I just need to figure out the price it would be to set up the motion sensors, gears and everything. Any help, such as links to parts or anything that would give me a better understanding of how to set up motion sensors and connecting them to gears and such, would be appreciated.


Probably too late, but is the project to build a sensor, or simply to rig a sensor? I'm guessing that you could fit a small, inexpensive alarm into the roll center.

Google Motion sensor and start doing your own research.

I did. I just wanted a little help understanding how it works so I could pick the right parts. Ive never done anything like this and figured I would ask for a little help. No need to be a jerk about things.

Just making sure you're making an effort. All too often we get kids on here trying to have answers to school projects just given to them without putting forth any effort themselves.

The IR sensor you use won't really matter as long as you emitter and receiver are matched. You'll probably want o use a micro controller like an Arduino or PIC to read the IR sensor. Then the micro controller can activate a motor controller to run the motors as long as you need it. Gearing and rollers to deal with the TP will probably need to be custom made. You might be able to salvage parts from an old printer or 2 to get what you need.

Here are the down sides i see to the idea. Just some things to consider.
  1. Making sure the mechanism won't rip the TP being used.
  2. Why is a dispenser like this a good idea? are people worried about touching a dirty dispenser even thou they are in a dirty place to start with and will have to wash there hands afterwards?
  3. Is this for saving money on TP? I know there are times when 4 or 5 sheets won't cut it and i sure don't want to be waving my hands around trying to get the amount i need.

'Unhinged' made something that might be of interest to you with this project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Twittering-office-toilet/

Reed switches and magnets are your friends.

Errrr, just realized you need the toilet paper to be dispensed, not track how much is used. Try https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/featured-true/?sort=none&q;=motion+sensor