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Motion activated music playback Answered

I am trying to make a motion activated music playback device for a charity Christmas tree. Playing back an mp3 would be ideal. Playing back a recorded file like an answering machine would work as well. I'm looking to do it relatively cheap if I can.



Very nice to make a playback device for a charity Christmas tree.  

I don't know how to trigger mp3.  Hopefully someone here can help with that.  As for playback modules, they are generally triggered by having their playback switch momentarily grounded.

One approach is to have a device triggered when a light beam is broken.  There might be an Instructable on that, or info on the Internet.

I have experience with  the Sharp IR proximity detector (up to 1.5m)  http://www.trossenrobotics.com/sharp-ir-distance-sensor-gp2y0a02yk.aspx,
$UDS 15 and the Radio Shack PIR sensor (detects up to 5 m)  $US10 

Both of them put out a positive voltage when they "see" something.  This could be used to control a relay or transistor to turn on your device.  Unfortunately, they are not cheap.  

An alternative is to obtain a toy that senses persons at a distance, tear it apart, and use it's circuit.  I Googled "proximity triggering toys" and found a couple of references for you.  There are probably more.


As again when you have decided on a detector.

How much time were you thinking of storing ?