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Motion sensor distance? Answered

what is a motion sensor detection range? (I need 500'+) aware that it is less so my question becomes how or can I extend its minimum to the range I need or farther which would be best for my need(s)

I was thinking adding a magnifying lens? is that plausible? /

is there other thechnology that could be used to detect an animal in your yard or path while hiking in dangerous trails



1. 500 ' is too far for most conventional motion detectors. - perhaps 10 ' is more likely reliably.

2. detecting movement in the wild whilst your moving isn't going to be very easy.

3. you can see, process and react MUCH further away than standard electronics will do.

4. the lens won't help.

I'm guessing you're after one of those motion detector units they used in Aliens?

Sorry, not a goer.

ya I guess I`m looking for one of those used in aliens nice answer thank you kiteman for a real inteligent response

Do you always react to honest answers so negatively?

I asked a simple question, now for you to give me a response relating to fictional aliens, for a `dah` answer I would have asked a kid I`m well aware that the query is above the average wallmart technology however I just thought that someone with inteligence would provide me with a constructive response!!!! it certainlly wasn`t available from you so thank you for you response however I found it sarcastic! Honest?? you have no idea

You want an "intelligent" answer, try asking an intelligent question - you didn't even mention the kind of motion detector you wanted (IR? Sonar? Radar? Image recognition software?) and gave a scenario for a piece of kit that even military-grade sensing technology isn't capable of.

thank you for your answer have a nice day

Unless you and the rest of the environment are perfectly still, whats "moving" here ?