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Motor Acquisition.... Answered

I have recently come into possession of a working vacuum cleaner motor (generic: only says 60 hz, 120 V on the side) with cord and switch still attached (also the fins on the motor that created the suction). I can't even find a manufacturer logo on it. Anyways...I am looking forward to using this in a future project.

Just as an exercise, in case I am "thinking too small" what would you do with such a motor?

It looks a LOT like this one:


Goodhart, you suck! I don't know maybe some type of a vacuum pump?

Not me, only my motor LOL I was thinking along the lines of a resealable back evaluator, but then that may just suck bags inside out LOL

Like it was before? Well, I was thinking of trying to make a super good "dirt devil" style hand vac, but it would be a wee bit on the heavy side. :-)

I was thinking along the lines of a resealable back evaluator

Oy vey ! I meant a resealable BAG evacuator. *sigh*

Buy 2 more and build a hover craft! The Mythbusters did it. :)

how about ... a really powerful computer fan a fan to blow on your BBQ coals and forge swamp cooler fan etc

. It should blow just about as well as it sucks (that sounds bad). Use it for a mini-hovercraft.

Even if the flow isn't reversible, you can duct it.

Not a hovercraft, though, unless you're going to carry a generator along for the ride.

A huge inflatable ... something. I remember an old Tom and Jerry cartoon where a vacuum cleaner made a nightshirt inflate and make a wooo noise, so maybe you've got a head start on next year's Hallowe'en contest?


10 years ago

No indication of power on the thing? Watts? Horsepower? Amperage on the cord?

I guess the first thing to do would be to plug it in, and measure how much current it takes. If you can safely grab the axle (use a glove!) and put some torque on it, how much current does it take then?

No, I couldn't find anything indicating power usage at all. Kind of freaked me out, but then I haven't had the opportunity to tear one apart for years, so I wasn't prepared for the lack of info on this part. *sigh* I went for my multimeter and it was dead, replaced the 9 v battery and it still is unresponsive. When it rains it pours *sigh*.

Maybe you could make your own cotton candy machine? Love your Kryton avatar. My fave robot