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Motor Music! I accidently got a motor to play music and I dont know how it works. Help? Answered

I was trying to make a motor spin to the beat of the music by plugging it into my ipods headphone jack. But alas, poor Yorrick, it failed, and instead the motor barely spun and the motor vebrated like crazy. Then I noticed that the vibrations were in time with the music. Curiosity overtook me and I put my ear to the motor and heard the music! I could actually hear the guy singing! Apparently I had turned the motor into a speaker, but how? If you might have a solution to my problem, please leave a comment below.


Sound is vibrations.

If you were playing the sound signal into the motor, it would have been twitching slightly to each peak of the signal - that is, it was reproducing the same vibrations.

If you amplify the signal into the motor, the music will get louder (though may lose fidelity).

This is technically different, but it's not moving-coil speakers either.