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Motor Question Answered

I have two motors I am using as wheels, but they both spin in the same direction making my robot spin in circles. Can I change the direction a motor spins? Maybe by switching positive and negative sides?



10 years ago

if it's a simple dc hobby motor(2 wires) then just reverse the wires. The motors may run with a bit different torque (rotating force) and speed due to commutation issues. If it's a brushless dc motor, which would be a better choice, it will probably have three wires going to the speed controller, again, just reverse any two of the wires to reverse rotation direction. Overall, the best set up to use would be an outer rotor type motor and brushless speed comtroller for for higher torque and efficiency...hope this is helpful....kunk

Its a DC motor

then reverse the positive and negative leads, and all will be well.

switching positive and negative only works on brushed and dc motors. is your motor brushed or inductive?