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Motor Selection? Answered

I got to make a bot to which weighs nearly 300 lb and maximum speed restriction is 5mph. I am kind of confused with the motor selection. Can you which is the best motor available in the market for this purpose ?



Best Answer 10 months ago

A wheelchair motor would be a good place to start looking. They are designed to move a lot of weight slowly. You can find the maximum weight a wheelchair can carry online, and then get replacement motors for that model (or buy the model second-hand and take it apart). Keep in mind, the weight of the person a wheelchair can move does not account for the weight of the wheelchair itself. So, the motors can move the weight of the person + its own weight.


Answer 8 months ago

Thanks a lot.
Actually I was planning to make a "big" self balancing robot which is big enough to carry 300lb of payload and even be able to move over ramps. You can say an Autonomous Segway to be more precise. Need an advice.