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Motor, top or bottom? Answered

when building ball machines and such is the motor better at the top or bottom?


Well, since I have an electric motor, I place the motor housing at the bottom, because if I placed it at the top, the machine would topple over because of the mass on one side of the machine. I have noticed that some people put the motor on the middle gears (the ones that give the chain extra tension), like knexrule100, on his sky rail ball track, but this will only work if the chain is taut enough. So, in my opinion, you should put it at the bottom.

On my first ball machine, on Youtube on the account zchan1120, a attached the motor to one of the gears sticking out to make the chain taught. the lift was not that tall, but the chain did not sway at all. However, I am now working on a ball machine where one of the main lifts is over 7 1/2 feet tall. I currently have the motor attached to the bottom, but the chain sways a lot. Beware that if you have too much trouble with the chain lift, there are other alternatives. i used an air pump from the Big Air Ball Machine in my first custom made ball machine, and Shadowman 39, on Catacylism update 1 on Youtube, uses a modified motr from the rippin rocket rollercoaster kit to "shoot" the ball straight up.

In answer to knexlord1, providing the tower had any decent strength, it would be able to withstand that amount of weight. If the tower can't, it needs more strength.

yes i was thinking that too and btw this comment was the 300th comment on any of my stuff :P

why not in the front like a plane <(*-*)>

does not really matter, bottom is good for stability, and top is good for a bit more strength, but i usually go with bottom.

if you have a single motor - put it at the bottom, that way the housing for the motor can be built into the tower supports, instead of adding extra weight to the top. -if your model is really tall, or reqires more power- put one at the top and another at the bottom, instead of 2 at one end.

I only put mine on the top because I have 2 red size gears, which are both the only type that the ball lift droppers work on and the only type which my motor speed will go to. If you have red gears enough fot the top and the bottom, I'd put them on the bottom, but it is still always possible on the top, as I have proven.

I asked the Jamalam about this and he said it doesn't matter where you put it. I haven't tried this out, but wouldn't the chain not sway back and forth as much if you put it on the top because it is lifting the ball, not pushing. This all depends on the height of your machine though. Smaller machines don't matter, but it is the bigger ones you may have to consider the placement. Hope this helps!

> because it is lifting the ball, not pushing . You will always be pulling with this type of lift, independent of drive position. It's a longer pull with the drive on the bottom (over the top and down the back), but you're still pulling.

. Mounting the motor high may make the lift top-heavy and apt to tip over. That probably won't be a problem, so put it where it is easiest to mount and work on.

Hmmmm. I would say at the top, but most people seem to put it on the bottom. I think it is really more about how easy it is to reach it.