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Motor type / Arduino control Answered

I am looking for a motor to control via Arduino.

I know such a thin exists but am not sure exactly what it's called.

Basically it is a motor but instead of rotating a shaft it make the shaft go in and out.

It doesn't need to apply much pressure just a little tap.

I thought it might be called an actuator and is similar to a solenoid I suppose.

Any idea where I would find such a thing, what it would be called and how to control via Arduino.





5 years ago

A solenoid would work if you just need a short throw and standard servo would work with a push rod and a guide too. Maybe this is what you were looking for.
They are called linear servo or try linear actuators if something larger is needed but plan to spend more money for the actuators.
Just being curious though, why not just a pin on the arduino for the switch?

Thanks. It needs to be a physical push as I don't have access to the electronics inside.

I think I have servo sorted using a pan / tilt bracket.

I'll know more once the parts arrive.



they call these through and fro gear systems. use a driver shield to control this.

You could look for actuator or solenoids but they may be higher voltage/current devices for doorlocks or flowvalves, etc. You might want to look into servos where you can attach drive rods to move or turn something a specified amount. The small servos controlled by an arduino have a surprisingly large amount of torque. They are basic components of a radio-controlled system like airplanes or robots. You can find them most anywhere at good hobby stores or electronics places. Good luck.

I think that the servo with a drive rod sounds perfect.

I'm only gonna be using it tap a button.