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Motorcycle Shed Turntable Answered

Im making a log cabin in my back garden, im short for space so its 16ft wide and 10ft deep.  I dont want to reverse the bike out of the shed each time so im going to make a turntable, id like it to be electric but I dont know how.

Here are the engineering plans for the turntable, dont worry about how im getting the 50mm circle in the concrete, im doing that with a polythene plug.

Im going to use the largest "Lazy Susan 24" to hold and turn the middle of the table, then im going to use min i fixed casters to keep the edges stable.

Im an engineer so I can maipulate any metal on my lathe/mill etc.  Ive thought of 2 ways to use the winch to turn the table:

1- Bellow the table: exchanging the wire for a pulley system which will turn the lazy susan, im not eqactly sure how this will work.

2- Above the table, Very easy, exchange the wire for a rubber wheel that will turn the edge of the table.

Question: If anyone can think of any better, easier ideas id love to hear from you?




5 years ago

RavensCraft- Many thanks for what looks like a serious attempt to help. Ive seen those tapered bearings being used by the Indians on youtube, looks to work well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIwtnWWZV3A

If the lazy susan was mounted on the base with a wooden spacer above, cut to hold a V belt, I could burry the winch under the table adding a v-pulley to it to spin the table.

RavensCraft - What I dont undestand about your idea is how deep I would need to burry that spindle to get the table flat? The Lazy Susan is 15mm thick and can turn 350KG. Might be worth a try if id got a welder.


You would have to go several inches deep , at least as deep as the tire rim is wide.
Tire rims are recessed in the back side to allow a space for the brake drum or rotor.
So the backside of the rim hangs over the spindle a good bit. The only sure way to go
would be to have the actual spindle/hub and rim that you would be using, and design your well around them.

I see what you mean about the spacer and the Lazy Susan. You would not need to
go as deep with your well. You would just have to make a hole at the bottom of the well to accept the motor housing of the winch. It sounds good.You just need to
figure out how to put tension on the belt.


5 years ago

Perhaps if i fixed these to cover the edges it would keep the crap out from getting in the way of the castors?

Damn the images wont show up but they were of those Draught Excluders with bristles. Sorry about the problem.


Maybe instead of a lazy susan, you could utilize a trailer axel like this:

Then you could mount a tire  rim on it .The rim could have flanges welded to it so you can attach the
turntable . Then use a hydraulic motor to turn it using an electric hydraulic pump.

Or you could use your  winch idea and use the tire rim as the other "pulley"

Also dirt getting into the well where the casters are  may cause a problem, as well as debris jamming between the well and the turntable. Therefore  you may want to add some kind of
skirt which would extend over the opening.

Some kind of drain might also be a good idea , or maybe just a  removable radial slat in
the turn table so you can get a wet/dry vacuum hose in the well to clean.

The turn table is a nice idea , but  there may be a simpler way.
Why not have  opposing doors on the cabin? One door for entry ,
and the other for exit.

Or perhaps one smaller side door instead of opposing doors might be better
depending on what kind of space you have to work with.

If you do put the rotating floor in, have a sound-system and some "disco'-lights" to go with it.


I think this is far too complicated.
You could use a plank of wood; put a pivot in the middle, two little-wheels on each end and swing that around instead. I.e. you don't need a full circle, or to cut a circle in the floor. You could lift it up and hang it on the wall when it's not needed.



5 years ago

Many thanks Caitlinsdad. Those big turntable companies are very popular in this area of the uk with it having the highest percentage of millionairs in Europe per 'something'.
They buy Ferraris and show them off never going over the speed limit :)

Do electric motors give off gas? what about my lath & Mill?

Haha, I was referring to having the motorcycle running inside and you just ride it out or ride into the shed to park it. You have an International Rescue type slide from the house or Wallace&Gromit contraption to mount the bike when you roll out of bed.

Few, I thought you were talking about the turning motor. Never heard of anyone gassing themselves with a motorcycle, I dont really want to find out either. LOL

Something for the Batcycle? Reverse engineer it from this? http://www.carturntables.co.uk/information/technical-information.html  I would have suggested some kind of garage door opener setup so you have a built-in remote control.  Just don't be tempted to run the engine enclosed in the shed without exhuast ports to get rid of the carbon monoxide fumes.  Good luck.