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Motorcycle helmet with a camera? Answered

So I was looking for a clean looking motorcycle helmet with a camera sort of like the Go Pro but I wanted it to be embedded in the helmet.
And I came across the Momentum Pro helmet which is still in the pre-order phase and it can't be shipped to my country anyway.
So what sort of materials do I need to build one like the Momentum. or at least of decent resemblance?
Thanks in advance.


Biggest problem are road regulations, design rules and safety regulations.
Down here in AU cams for bikies are more or less a must have due to the many accidents caused by cars whos drivers fail to stop.
But when you thought it really helped an injured rider to get his/her legal rides by proof of cam footage...
Those with the cam mounted in the bike or clipped onto their close are fine, those with cameras mounted on the helmet, like glued on, velcro tape or even dedicated fibreglass constructions all ended with several fines and tickets.
Starts with using a non appoved helmet due to the modifications, riding without an approved helmet due to the previous fine and ends with endangering other motorists as the camera can become a flying weapong when dislodged from the helmet in an accident.

So before you start tinkering double check what is legally allowed in your country ;)
But in any case: Never make any holes into a helmet as this will render it useless, at least for the cops.

Firstly thanks for the answer.

Secondly; provided that the regulations are lax in my country and I won't really need a camera that big that it will detach in an accident, what do I need to modify the helmet and what are the materials needed for that; like the helmet's material and the padding etc.?

I also want to embed it in the helmet like the design in the banner, it won't be sticking out.

Can't a hole be filled with some kind of material of the same properties as the helmet's skelton?

why not just black duct tape

Hey, that looks pretty cool. If I were you I would get a motorcycle helmet and a small camera like the GoPro session or a similar camera. Then I would find a way to mount it to the center of the helmet and build up around it using fiberglass or if you have access to a 3D printer you could 3D print a covering for it.

The GoPro is very large.

I'm thinking of a decent spare smartphone camera but I need guiding in the connections and the circut desgin and all. :(

Not going to work for you.

You will nee drivers and a lot of support electrinics to rip out the camera and us it as a stamd alond. Better buy one of the available cameras.