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Motorized Futon? Answered

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I was just tryin' to see if I can find some help for some questions I have.
The basic story is soon my brother's moving back into my house, limiting me to one 9x10 room rather than the two I have now. I wanted a futon, but I like building things and creating things, so I thought I'd build my own. Then I thought I could motorize it.

The concept is the same concept as the automatic windows on many modern cars. Press the button once, the motor goes until it's at the end, and a relay switches and it stops. Simple enough, right?

I'm just not sure which parts to use. I saw this, and thought it'd be enough. I think I did the math and it's something like 150-ish pounds per second [torque]
(referance: http://www.surplusgizmos.com/Oriental-115v230v-AC-125-HP-Induction-Motor_p_110-1473.html )
I'm not sure if that's too strong or not strong enough-- or if it'd even work!

Now, I already have the design all set out, I know how I can get the futon to work, and the tracks and everything. For the relay, I was thinking of putting 2 metal plates at each end of the track, attaching the metal plates to springs, so once the motor pushes against it, it hits a relay and shuts the engine off.

I'm just not really sure how to do any of this. Not really sure what relays I need or anything like that. Any help would be nice. :D


well, you'd need a gear train for that motor ask yourself this question... is it worth it?

Why would you need a gear train for it?

it would be too fast