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Moulding a MUG? Answered

You mention a two part mould when moulding a mug -

How does one do the inside of the mug to make the body and base with a thin wall.




Paige Russell

Best Answer 9 months ago

Hi again!

What material do you plan on using for the final mug casts? Knowing this will help me give you the best answer.


Stuart TobinPaige Russell

Answer 9 months ago

Hello Paige.

Actually it is not a mug, it is a bronze head, hollow inside which I would like to try to copy.

I have made a copy of the outer head with silicone.

My problem is making the wax copy, what do I fill the head with to allow making the wax model.

I have looked on YOUTube for ceramic techniques, which would appear quite good and quite expensive. I live in the UK and unsure where to find small quantities of the slurry or any quantities.

This leaves me with cold cast or lost cast techniques using sand as a medium.

Yet still leaves the dilemma of the internal head.

By the way, with the exception of the silicone head, I have not made anything as yet, just playing as I retired recently - Expensive playing I agree as materials are not cheap nor is equipment.

Appreciated, I should join an arts and crafts course eyt one cannot join partially through a course

I hope the above makes sense.

Kind regards.