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(SOLVED) Mounting Slide Potentiometers Answered

I need help for a project I am soon to begin work on ('ible coming soon). It will involve several switches and potentiometers mounted on a piece of hardboard.

The switches and rotary potentiometers I have all have washers (or whatever you call the hexagonal things with screw-like threads on the inside) to secure them in place. The slide potentiometers don't.

My question is this:
How would I mount the slide potentiometers?

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7 years ago

In normal use, they'd be attached (soldered) directly to a PCB.

The PCB is then mechanically mounted to align the POT shafts with slots in the faceplate.

Is there any way I can replicate this?

Get some perfboard - electronics circuit board material with predrilled holes in them. The slide pots should have some tabs that are formed from the casing or the contacts that come out from under it. They should fit in those pattern of holes. You can cut a bigger piece of the perfboard once you solder it down and drill out holes to use a nut and bolt to secure it mounted under your faceplate. Improvise with a piece of hardboard or else epoxy on the board and then do the mounting bolts.

Those are all good ideas.

Also, soldering heavy wires to the POTs and anchoring those to the board might work.

Standard breadboard usually has small copper pads around each hole. So If you're using breadboard, feed a length of heavier gauge stripped wire through the POT tab, bend it down on each side (a "U" shape) and push both ends of wire through the breadboard holes--bend those over, too. Then solder the wire to the POT and the two pads below the board. That might be strong enough.

@caitlinsdad Thank you - if no better ideas appear soon, I will get some perfboard

@gmoon Is this breadboard as in perfboard? Rather than a solderless breadboard which I have

Thanks both

Breadboard and protoboard are common names for all of that. You must have one of those white/plastic grid with embedded wires/contacts which is the solderless kind. I think he is also referring to the perfboard which is the generic bare stuff which may have copper trace circles around the holes on one side or it may not. Good luck.

SOME, but not all pots have two screw mounting holes in the front.

They do each have a very narrow hole at each side that go right the way through, but I disregarded them because they were so narrow, and because at the other sides were part of 2 of the 4 contacts (4 because there is a "2" at each end)