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Mouse Mouse is Missing! Answered

Mouse Mouse was last seen on tour with us at Austin's SXSW earlier this week. He made lots of friends at Dorkbot on Saturday, but someone walked off with him while we were setting up at Sunday's PopSci party!

Did he go on walkabout, join a punk band, or leave with a cute female Mouse Mouse? We hope so, but suspect he was simply abducted and can't contact us for help. If you have any information, please let us know!

No kidding, I only made one1 and would really like to have him back. Drop me a note if you've got any news on his whereabouts. We'll take him back, no questions asked.

1Yes, I can and will make another, but it's my art project, and therefore unique. (You may know how to make more children, but still want to keep the ones you've made.)


I think he may have been eaten!



The Golden Rule...


"do unto others as you would have done to yourself." Nice; did you draw that?

Don't tell Jessy. I can just see "Barbie Mouse."

So, was he found yet?

Oh yes so odd someone would be unethical enough to steal a taxidermy mouse. Good luck.

I thought it was a extremely odd thing to pocket at an internet party!
Thanks for the good wishes.

Sounds like someone imbibed a wee too much C2H5OH in order to pull off a stunt like this one. *sigh*

c2h5oh? is that caffeine? (speaking of which, i need another can of full throttle for Monday)

Sorry, I normally reconstruct it to look more presentable.....I must have been in a hurry or something: C2H5OH or grain alcohol.

No, you're fine. IIRC, Oh isn't an element, so you're good ;P
I'm also assuming that tech-king just threw out a wild C8H10N4O2-induced guess ;-)

yeah. i seemed logical that at a computer and tech fair people would drink energy drinks with caffein in them.

that sucks


10 years ago

Nooooo! Mouse Mouse is gone ={. That really stinks. I bet he shows up soon. We should set up an Instructables Super Search Squad! (The ISSS) Then we could find him.

Sorry, that was my little ADD comment of the day. I hope Mouse Mouse shows up soon.

Tellin' you man ADHD is worse.

I am personally associated with someone with aspergers and it can be trying at times. OCD is as rough on the individual as it is on those in the same room with that individual.

Dosen't OCD something with obsessions?

Obsessive / compulsive Disorder: The person that can not leave home since they keep going back to check to make sure the stove is turned off or the iron / washing machine, water faucets, etc. The person that must have the lamp facing just so, no tilt to the shade, all the olives lined up in the jar, all the cans labels faced out, clothes hung with hangers faced all in one direction; they may panic over what feels like a racing heart beat, feeling too warm / cold inappropriately; and a host of other symptoms.

in my family, placing cans label facing out is called efficiency and being helpful to the cooks. i always pull on my lock at school 10 or 30 times to make sure its locked. is that a sign of ocd?

Can there be mild cases because if I do things I get a feeling of discomfort unless I do it in one way or direction?

Congratulations! You have mild OCD. Welcome to the club. But of course, it isn't a psychologist's prescription. And by the way, LEGOS RULE!!!!!!

i still say dealing with people with touretts syndrome (thats not how its spelled. but how is it?) is one of the most challenging.

Let me tell you, sleep apnea and mild narcolepsy are not fun, especially for those in the PASSENGER seat of the car I am driving (I have only ever had one fender bender because of it, in the 35 years of driving).

OCD = Gotta touch it. Not the right way. Fix it before you do anything else. Small thing out of order. Bugging you all day long. Finally fix it. Another thing out of order. Dang.


In this moment of grief, I'm free to be in a position of mouse mouse! and my yearly pay has to be at least $600, i know it's expencive (for a mouse) but you shall see that i'm worth it! *cough*

Thats a shame. Maybe you should make "Mouse mouse 2.0-With GPS tracker! " That would rock! Good luck finding it.

I think that kind of gear would require a rat, or perhaps a squirrel; but then the pun is lost!

A "squirrel mouse"?

That would make the mouse "squirrely" ;-)

A "Squirrelly mouse" ? :-) Actually, maybe the GPS is overkill.....an dye bomb like they use in bank robberies, would probably suffice :-)

that could get expensive, seeing as youd need a lazer web or radio frequency to detonate it as it goes out of range.

Hmm, hadn't thought of that......still they make them for "children" to keep them from walking away too far (once the transducer is out of range, the alarm is set off).

wow. what a step backwards for humanity.

It is less obvious then using a LEASH as some parents do *sigh* "here is my pet child, dearie say hi to the nice man.....just don't talk to strangers..." but ma, he IS a stranger (they don't get much stranger looking LOL).

A rat, no -- it rats out where its hiding!

haha, your punny! :) (Get it like funny, but since that was like a pun then its punny)

...I'll stop...

A robot mouse: Mousebot ! :-)

Hmm... outfitting a squirrel with GPS would make it much easier to find its nuts, I guess... Oops - sorry, I though I was in the Pets Month forum! ;-)

Maybe a trackrat?

Maybe a large pregnant mouse. JK I am sick and wrong. But one time before we (my family) had live traps in my basement my dad caught a pregnant mouse and the trap cut off its head and a few inches away it had like 3 babies that had crawled out and died . It was so sick!

oddly I narrowly missed a passing squirrel on my bicycle the other day, on the path going to work I also narrowly missed a collection of prams and had to forge an new trail through some undergrowth and a bush, the bush retaliated with sharp things, please no squirrels, I just pulled a bush spike out of my hand, with clicking and GPS capacities they would appear at my door and break my legs no doubt.

I used to stop by Mouse Mouse and give him a little pat on the head. Sadly, I cannot do this any more.