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Mouse USB drive Answered

ok i had this idea about putting a USB drive inside the side of my mouse and still have it work...but how would i do it? and im kind of a texture guy meaning i like smooth objects so how would i fix that problem? any ideas or help would be awsome thanks :)


(Sorry for necro!) Would anyone be able to suggest a suitably small/hackable usb hub?


10 years ago

so, if you wanted to pull this off with a stock mouse obviously use an optical mouse, the lack of moving parts would make this work much better, then buy yourself a very small, 2 port if possible usb unpowered hub. disassemble the usb hub throwing out all the extra parts you can, you'll want to desolder all of the metal connectors off of the board as well. unplug the cable going into the mouse main board, solder those leads to the uplink port of the usb hub. desolder the connector off of your flash drive (its too bulky) and attach with a very short 4 pin cable to one of the usb ports, then do the same from the mouse main board to the other usb port (you can even reuse the clipped off connector). that will leave you with a mouse that has a single cord, and a working mouse and thumb drive.

that's exactly what I was saying, just you said it better and in more detail. What he means is this: You open the mouse You buy a mini usb port You open the min usb port you desolder all of the usb ports Desolder the plug off of the mem stick Solder the coresponding pins to the hub so that it would be equivilent to directly hooking it up, just saving space. Disconnect the mouse to the usb thing that goes into the comp and solder it to another one of the desoldered ports on the internal hub. Use the USB wire that you just got rid of as the part that connects the hub to the comp

you dont even have to have a hub! i did one a couple weeks ago (that i gave to a friend as a birthday gift) just by opening the casing of the mouse, un-soldering the connecter on the usb flash drive, and soldering some wires jumping from the flash drive to the correct end on the cord! then i juast hot glued it to the inside of the mouse.

No, you would still need a hub, you can't just piggy back two devices in that manner.

Nice! I may give that a try some time.

cool thanks :) but im not that technological can you explain that a little more like somthin that i could kinda understand please :) thanks for the help though

ok first of all...WICKED!! a CPU in a boombox...wow shoulda thought of that :) and enyway whats ur email? u didnt really give it out and im not sure if AIM is yahoo...or MSN....hmmm....enyway yeah i'll email you the idea :)...if you put up ur e-mail and mine is bikecrash@gmail.com

Hey, if you really want a step-by-step on how to do this, email me. or IM me on AIM (GreatBattleToast) i love doing stuff like this (my computer is inside a boombox)

thanks all!! what i ment by "texture guy" is i dont like things that feel rough or entyhing but smooth stuff like the mouse itself and i forgot to mention i want the mouse to work too :) get back with great ideas! i just got a new wireless mouse and it gave me a idea cuz in the back it has a little thing for the usb wireless plug and its basicly a spring and a tube....so im thinking how would i do that hmm...idk...keep up with the great ideas! c ya - Darkshot

Well, for my own sake, I would first need to know what a "texture guy" entails :-)

. heehee I guess we're just behind the curve - that one's got me stumped, too. All a quick search for "texture guy" turned up was references to ppl that do the texture-mapping for 3-D graphics. Not sure why that would be important to the question. Maybe he's saying he's not a "hardware guy" and the answer needs to be simple

Well, as long as he didn't mean "tactile guy", we're ok LOL

I did it once, I got an old mouse, gutted it completelty, and removed the cable. Then I got a USB extension cable and plugged the flash drive into it, placed the flash drive into the mouse and ran the cable our of where the mouse cable was and sealed the mouse up. The mouse, of course, didn't work, but I am working on another version which utilises a 2 port USB hub within the mouse, one port controlling the mouse and one with the USB drive.

Do you mean your USB flash drive?
Like guyfrom7up said, wiring the drive directly into a USB mouse is an option.
Although I'm not sure what you mean by texture guy, that setup should pretty much hide the drive inside the mouse.
So the mouse's texture should be as smooth as it used to be = )

it would have to be a usb mouse (it's just easier) and but a super mini usb hub and take out all of the usb ports (to save space) and directly solder the usb stick to the coreesponing pins of the usb hub inside of the mouse.