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Mouse driver must be messed up, Can someone help? I cant use my mouse!!!? Answered

I tried to install mouse driver onto my vista laptop, which messed the pad's driver up. Damn. So now I cant log on, can someone help?


Are you sure that you haven't clicked a button near the keyboard that shuts off the touchpad? in your laptop instruction manual look at the keyboard diagram and look for buttons that are not for the keyboard. What laptop do you have?
and What mouse are you trying to install?
please reply so I can be more help

go to start - programs - accessories - system restore (at least thats how its in xp) recover to a point before that and why you need drivers to a moue ? doesnot it just work ?

Please give more information. We don't know what hardware you have. In the meantime, take some time to learn some more keyboard shortcuts. I haven't touched my mouse for (anything but games or drawing) in years.