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Mouse mouse makes it big in Germany Answered

The mouse mouse gets noticed in Germany's version of FHM magazine. The little guy speaks the universal language of bizarre and lovable all at once as his popularity continues to grow.


Rough translation: New stuffing - Dead animals can be found in the museum. Or on the desk [I]f you want to avoid that your girlfriend takes a look at your photos on your computer, you have to think of a new password. Or kill a mouse. Just like Noah Weinstein and Christy Camida did, which remembered the initial meaning of the Word and put a real mouse over the input device. Prior to that they killed, gut and dried it. Advantages: The fur will let the mouse-mouse slide smooth & easy over the desk, and you have something soft in your hand, if you happen to sit alone infront of your computer. Infos....

Fun article :-) That would be something for the "Sendung mit der Maus", hehe.

Hey, you're German right.. Curious what the article says..

Anybody care to translate?