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Mouseless - Pranav Mistry Answered

I want to make a prototype like this one - http://www.pranavmistry.com/projects/mouseless/ - To anyone who makes it, please include links of online stores from where I  can buy the things needed. :) Thanks.


u mag glad that u made mtmini can u please share the details



6 years ago

Mouseless Question,
I did not find a way to do exactly what Pranav Mistry is doing, but I found a way to do something similar.
I had been searching for a way to gestural input myself. That is how I came across the Mouseless project. I am a designer not a programmer; so I knew I would need to find a simple solution and something open source. What I found was right here on the Instructables site. The Laser Motion Capture project that is posted allowed me to do motion capture like the mouseless project. Once the camera see’s your hand with the Laser on it captures and tracks the position of your hand not the laser.
I then used a Processing Sketch drawing app. to track that movement and convert it to a drawing. It is a Robot Vision kind of thing. Best Solution I can offer as a starting point. I noticed that when I go over icons they highlight and you can gesture them to open, I cannot keep them open but they open.
Good luck with your search

hmm.. I've made a MTMini myself.. it works good, only if I had a PC with some higher specs, it would be awesome to use it for regular use..!

Hi, Umang.. glad to know that you made a mini MTmini.
Can you share the details how you made it with me. It would be really helpful for me.