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Movie-Editing Software? Answered

I've been getting into short film recently and I'm looking for some movie-editing software. I want something that:
  • works on Windows
  • is free/open source
  • is easy to use
  • has a good amount of useful features

I like iMovie, but I'm not spending the money on a Mac.



To be honest i've only ever used it once, for doing a green screen. So it does green screens!

Oh that's cool. I've always wanted a green screen =]

you can do a blue screen in WMM(Movie Maker) which i'm certain is free with XP and Vista I think

do u know how to get it to do laser effects like light sabors and plz post an instructable on how to do bolth

I have to third this.

the only one I can think of is Jahshaka, but when I last used it, it seemed to be rather buggy, and not too easy to use. =P

I've tried quite a few, I have the free studio 9 came witha camera, no good. Amcap, not much use except for using a normal camera as a great webcam Ulead videostudio 9.0 - It's excellent, need to find the key the free version is boring. Window movie maker, not bad for microsoft, very lean on the effects and all but will do it a cinch. I'm about to try making some photoshop tut vidoes will camtasia to go with my 'ibles, we'll see how that goes, if it's memory hungry then forget it. Looking for a decent editor have a few to try, I'll give feedback when I'm done...

you can make simple movies that look somehow professional in windows movie maker! i make my homemade movies using it.

Nah. I'm not happy with Movie Maker. I'm looking for something with a bit more features.

*spark of life*