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Movie Question / discussion: the new Sherlock Holmes (2009) (possible spoiler alert if you intend on seeing it) Answered

Mostly I am wondering what  you all thought of the movie (those that have had the pleasure of seeing it, of course).

Some things I found interesting/disturbing/unsettling/perplexing:

The movie is either set in a time period where Holmes is much younger then is portrayed in the original series, or he has been "remade" into a younger character.

I noticed that NO mention, nor even hint of Holmes'  "opium" use  (his greatest vice) was in the movie.  However,  there is a reference to cocaine (even if not "by name" early in the movie - i.e. "liquid that Holmes was "drinking", Watson refers to its use in eye surgery).

As true to the books,  Holmes refers to his form of reasoning (incorrectly) as "deductive", and does so when speaking to Dr. Watson also.  The correct "label" for this type of reasoning is "inductive".

My life partner and wife found it difficult to follow a story line that kept recursing on itself:  In several  scenes, Holmes describes how he was going to accomplish something (taking down an opponent, for instance) and they would show what he was describing;  then they would show it actually happening.  

A few scenes recursed from different perspectives (one example:  when Irene leaves Holmes' residence for the first time after making her first "proposal" to Holmes, is shown getting into a carriage and a beggar stumbling into the scene;  moments later, the scene is shown again, this time from HOLMES' perspective, what happened (when He disguises himself as a beggar) .

I do not remember reading in the books and short stories much about Watson's wife, although, brief mentions here and there are made (in the books and short stories) they are almost all contradictory in nature.

I thought his "inability to always remain focused" and able to sort out the "information overload" quite intriguing .


In the original stories, Holmes partook of a "4% solution" of cocaine, injected.

Yes, the film is very different to the original stories, but they were written for a much different audience in a much different time.

Watson was never a very important character in the originals, really just somebody to whom Holmes could tell his theories so that the readers could read them.

I liked the film.

Yes, I did like the film, maybe it is sad that I couldn't help myself in being analytical then? :-) A bit of a distraction sometimes.

i saw it, and liked it a lot, but i'm a big RDJ fan

i think the lack of opium reference is probably due to the fact that most young folk have never heard of opium and most likely have never "done" opium.during the time that the books were written, most people were "doing" opium anyway so they could relate.

add to that their probable desire to keep their MPAA rating low and thus avoiding specific references to anything.

the recursive/descriptive scenes were great. really interesting way to pull you into the event. i would, however, have liked to have seen at least one of them NOT go as planned

I suppose that (to keep their MPAA rating low ) is why they made such a sublte reference to cocaine use also.

Who cares??? Just enjoy the movie. :-P

I DID enjoy it (but the analytical side of me also likes to dissect a bit....so, in effect, I care ;-)   ¥

Yah, that old analytical side...

Strangely, I can happily watch films with some quite appalling "real" science in them (Core, anybody?), but as soon as they start to muck about with the fantasy science... (the second Star Wars trilogy is good, but why are all the spaceships and weapons so much more advanced that in chapters IV-VI???)

I am normally the one that picks up on the ambulance that arrives at an accident scene, and has two doors in the back that swing open from the middle, and when it pulls away notice that the door is now a single on that swings open from the right side.....or a car driving past in the background of a medieval scene, or seeing a Corvette in a movie set in 1950.....etc. It's one of the reasons I like shows like HOUSE. They seem to do a bit of research for the show, most times.

I thought the movie was very intriguing.

He seemed to constantly be high on one thing or another...
(That scene with the flies in a jar, while he was plucking a fiddle...)

I found the action scenes to be very unique, albeit repetitive at some points, but enjoyable. His ability to foresee incoming attacks in fight scenes was great.
(Distract opponent, block blind punch...)

All in all, a very strange movie.
Have you seen Iron Man 2 yet? It was really quite something.

"That scene...with the flies" made reference to the cocaine, yes. Iron Man 2? I haven't seen Iron Man 1 yet :-) For an odd movie, full of different interpretation prospects, see Avatar ;-)

Avatar was beautiful!!

If you notice, most of the animals had six legs, rather than the earthly four-leg norm on earth.

Guy Ritchie, and Warner Bros.

This is as much as you can expect, works a bit better in books perhaps?


"so maybe he didn't want people thinking "wow holmes is cool I want to be like him" and then show him as a drug user."

Yet it did make reference to Holmes use of Cocaine (liquid used in eye surgery).

At the end they basically started the sequel

Yes,  well, just the early on introduction of Dr.  Moriarty gave me the hint that a sequel would be in the works for 2011. 

I too liked it.....still it is almost useless most times to compare the book with the film/series or whatever...it seems.

I really really liked the film, I especially liked the scenes where he was fighting and did it in slow motion and explained it, then did it fast to show how deadly he was.

I thought the scene where he jumped out the window and disguised really showed Holmes' ingenuity and ability to think on his feet.

The recursing sections were only 2-3 minute in length and only showed a single scene from two angles so personally I didn't find it hard to follow.

As for the drugs, Robert Downey Jr. has had lots of drug related problems in the past so maybe he didn't want people thinking "wow holmes is cool I want to be like him" and then show him as a drug user.

Either that or drugs were emitted to keep the rating/age-limit down. Which I agree with because I think Holmes is a great role-model for kids.

At the end they basically started the sequel, so i'm 99% sure there will be a second which I am greatly looking forward to.