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Moving the flash off the circuit board of a disposable camera. Gauge Question. Answered

Got a project in mind but looking for some advice.  I want to reuse the innards of a few disposable cameras but I want to move the flash units off the board onto a separate frame to get the flashes closer together. 

The brackets that hold the bulb to the board are metal blades but if I was to remove those and replace them with wire, what gauge should I start with?



Reasonably-heavy, but it depends upon the length. How much distance do you need?


12 to 18 inches.  The circuit boards would be in a project box that would mount on a support bar attached to a camera base and the flashes would be on a ring surrounding the front of the camera lens.

That's not far really. If I was doing it I'd get a length of solid-core 30A cable. The sort of thing you build ring-mains with. It might be heavier than necessary, but it helps in being stiff sometimes.


Thanks - If I'm reading my reference material correctly, 30A cable roughly equates to 10 AWG.