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Mr. Potato Hellboy Answered

This mash-up of Mr. Potatohead and Hellboy is pretty sweet. I never did see the movie nor have I ever had a Mr. Potatohead, but I do enjoy seeing a devilish version of Mr. Potatohead.

Even better, there are over 30 more Mr. Potatohead mash-ups at the site mrpotatomash.com. Dig in!

via Neatorama


I want to see one made out of a Dunny!


10 years ago

AHHHHHHH the pure awesomeness is blinding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... i wonder if they have an Indiana Jones potato or Cheech and Chong potatoes

hahaha these are cool :D

I pity da foo who takes me eyes off. -says the second mr. potato head picture

come to the baked side young skywalker - says the 3rd picture