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Muahahaha! Answered

I had just made another shocker - on a AA battery holder! It is very small and it can be pretty well hidden in my hand...

I am going to save it for halloween and... Shock my unaware neighborhood friends...
Also, I am going to try get an video of my friends screaming from a shock!


And Here is the instructable for a shocker... Build a World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!


There are those coins again! Now we know what happened to the giant apple - you blew it up with an application of high voltage. As bumpy-boy said, this needs another Instructable.

Oh, and maybe you could come up with a slightly larger version than your first, for those with blunt fingers or poor soldering skills.

Hmm, I don't know if I can find a larger transformer...

Have you made one?

It's on my list.

I have a long list.

Oh, too bad...

I have a list of to do's in my head, and I sometimes experience a minor mind crash (like a hard drive crash) when I have too much thinking going on...

I carry two notebooks - one to write down things I need to remember at school (who to tell off, that kind of thing), and one to write down ideas for ibles.

who to tell off

Do you work in a school?

You sound like a very busy man...

I teach science and maths, and I'm acting Head of Year.

Cool! And can you write mathematically?

*sighs* No, I mean can you write mathematically like most professors do, with all of those numbers and weird symbols?

With a head-start, yes. I didn't do maths past A-level, and now I teach the bottom sets. We doing "times" at the moment...

You actually have to write down who to tell off lest you forget? o_0 You, sir, are a busy man.

LOL! No, I have taken photos of this shocker before I took photos of the apple...

Whilst on the subject of capacitors DO NOT DISMANTLE COMPUTER POWER UNITS! I did so yesterday whilst attempting to retrieve its multiple large cooling fans when I came across a rather nasty surprise, in the shape of 2 very large capacitors containing 240 volts of rather high amperage electricity. Luckily I survived however you may not, so don't take them apart. Please.

Ha, too late, I had already modified one into a lab power supply, and yes I was aware of those high voltage capacitors.

Oh!!! That is soo cool, I am so gonna make it and shock everyone i see on the last day of school this year....

Hehe... That is a great idea, so you won't get so much in trouble!

Yeah, U can't get expelled on the last day of primary school I think thats what u Americans call it...

The "school" may not be the problem......sometimes reports of deeds end up back home :-)

Well, you can try shock people as they leave the school...

If you can't do it anonymously ( ;-) ), the report of it can still reach home :-)

Well if that doesn't work, i might plant stink bombs in each room that ignite when the airconditioner is turned on :-)

as long as they completely "go away" and leave nothing traceable ;-)

Here's hoping you don't shock someone bigger then you are :-) Some bigger guys have this reflex, knee jerk reaction to shocks. We don't want to read that you had to have a fist or elbow surgically removed from some part of your body :-)

No, all of my street friends are smaller than me. And they make great targets as they wander very close to me...

They can still take out your knees. ;-)


9 years ago

Instructable plz? :D