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Mugshot Museum Answered

It currently only has 13 entries, but the Mugshot Museum is a website to bookmark and check back when you're bored.

This is True collects bizarre stories from the world's news media (there's a newsletter - I suggest you sign up), and sometimes the stories come with mugshots of the perps.

The site's author realised that the mugshots were popular, so he gave them their own site.


I find it all very very sad.  I'm sure many of these people have mental illness, drug adictions lack of adequate schooling and probably extremley abusive childhoods. I love offbeat stuff, but not at the expense of a human being.  The obesity situation is often rooted in the unavailability of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains and vitamins. When there are mouths to feed, lack of transportation to get to a grocery store, nor the money to buy healthy food, white bread and canned soup is often what's available.

In some countries the obesity situation is related to high-sugar, fat & refined starch content in food, large sizes, snacking and people driving to the shops to stock up on suck.


I did a quick show-of-hands survey of my classes recently.

Hardly accurate, but over half of them had spent more than three hours on the computer and/or a game console the night before, and none of them had played outdoors or walked around to a friend's house.

My school's entire catchment is only a mile or two across, which means that most children live less than 15min walk apart, yet they'd rather spend the night chatting on msn or texting, instead of physically seeing them.

Its winter in the UK, its either freezing, raining or snowing at the moment !
If they did go to a freinds house they would only watch more screens because its dark outside by 4:30 pm

Try asking them again in the summer months, Anyway the internet and games are much more fun than kicking rocks outside.

They didn't even go out to play in the snow when there was enough to close school... :-(

Yes that's poor. Try it again in warmer weather?


I have, in past years.  Things aren't much different.

Mmm. I used to climb trees, going out of fashion. We shall evolve onto cubicles with so-     well Daleks I guess?


Trees break H&S rules - there's a playground opposite my school, and the council cut all the trees down, even trimmed the stumps flush with the ground to stop the kiddies hurting themselves when they fall out of the branches.


Good ole Gary Coleman.....actually he DID appear in court that day, but no one looked "down" so they didn't see him 

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You picked a good one for the topic.