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Multi-Button USB Pedal Answered

i wanted to make a USB pedal for my computer and set macros on it using glovepie. my problem is i dont know what items/steps used to make the pedal (other than buttons, wire, and a USB connection). i was shooting for ti to look something like those old pedals for guitars, nothing too fancy.


Why not hack up an old keyboard and solder footswitches onto it? Then get glovepie to remap some of the unused keys (Pause break, F keys etc) to whatever you want.

there's not really anywhere that sells cheep USB keyboards (used or not) around here and ordering online takes to long for me.


9 years ago

USB is fairly complex in the sense that you'll need a microprocessor in the box to communicate the button presses to the computer and handle all the USB related housekeeping, alternativly you but buy something like this and then see will glovepie be nice to it

You could probably make a far easier solution using the good old serial / RS232 port on the back of the computer, with that you could pretty much just wire buttons up between the pins, but once again you'll have to sort out the software to trigger your macros.

so, a microprocessor. i think i can figure it out fro there. thanx!