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Multi Generational Pineapple? Answered

Hi all,

i have a Pineapple Plant in my Front Garden Started from a "Top" (i think it's been about 4 years) currently in it's 3rd Generation
Gen 1, 1 Fruit ,3 Offspring. 1 Harvested, 2 Left on "Mother" plant.
Gen 2, 2 Fruit, 3 Offspring(1 on one plant, 2 on other). 1 Will Be Removed when it's Big enough.

Question is:
How Many Generations Before the Fruit Becomes Either Too Small or It Doesn't Fruit?


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Now that is a good question.

I live in Canada and my pineapple plant I started from a top is two years old, it has never flowered or gone to fruit.

How old was yours when it first went to fruit?

And if you get an answer to your question would you forward it to me.

I keep my pineapple with my cacti.

I Goggled pine apple and found out something interesting they are pollinated by Hummingbirds, if the flower is pollinated by Hummingbirds the fruit is small due to seed production.

Do you have Hummingbirds where you live?

furbyJosehf Murchison

Answer 5 years ago

It was about 18 months old (2 years at harvest. Photo about 21 months)

your climate might have something to do with the non-fruiting. i'm semi-tropical coastal(Brisbane QLD Australia)

no Humming Birds Here.