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Multimedia Destop Answered

I'm looking for a desktop computer i can put all of my music, pictures, videos on to use as a multimedia PC and to run basic programs, photoshop, and internet smoothly while being on the cheap side.

I've been doing some research and I've found this computer and monitor, please comment and tell me if there's anything better around that price without being a refurbished one.


. Looks like a good system for the price. . You'll probably want a lot more than 160GB of HDD if you will be storing a lot of movies and audio files. 160GB is a good start; you can always add a second HDD later. . 1GB of RAM should be plenty for Internet and listening/watching music/vids. If you use Photoshop a lot, I'd go with at least 2GB. If you can afford it it, max it out at 4GB. Another thing that is easy to add later. . Not sure about the video. I just can't keep up any more. :( Same with the monitor.


10 years ago

That's good for the money. Is building one an option? AMD PCs are usually cheaper and offer more power for price.