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Multiple Contests? Answered

My screen name is Fallental,

I entered my instructable, "Duct Tape Tool Tote", to 3 contests. Craftsman tools contest, Epilog Challenge Contest, and the Duct Tape Tough contest. It was accepted into the Epilog Challenge very fast. 48 hours are not up for it to be accepted into the Duct Tape Tough contest, but I was wondering if it was going to be accepted or not because its already in another contest (Epilog challenge)? I really want it in the duct tape contest.

Thank you,



I have the same question as arpruss: I have an Instructable entered and excepted in two contests. Only one vote button shows up and it is for the contest that I have less of a chance of winning. Is there a way to show both vote buttons, or to controll which one shows up?

How does voting work for something that's accepted into multiple contests? Are there supposed to be multiple Vote buttons?

Hey does anyone know how you can submit an entry into a 2nd contest once you have already submit that Instructable for a first contest? I entered the "I Made It Photo Contest" and forgot to check the box for the Makerbot contest.

You should have had an automatic email to register that you entered it. It's the weekend - you need to wait for humans to have a look and check whether your entry meets the requirements of some contests.

I'm int he same boat.
However, I enetered my laser security system into the Wicked lasers contest, and as a secondary, to the Maker-bot challenge contest. That was three days ago. My insutructable was featured, which I am very thankful for, but I have not been accepted into either contest. The Wicked lasers contest (ends in three days) is the reason why I designed and posted my instructable.

Do you have any suggestions?
I would really appeciate it!


Did you get an email acknowledging the receipt of your entries?

If you haven't, drop a line to service[at]instructables[dot]com and explain the situation - I understand that inbox is checked several times per day, so you get a rapid response.

Thank you so much!
I did just that. I really appreciate your advice!


If you enter an 'ible in three contests, then (if it's possible) can you win a prize from each of them?

Thank you, I was accepted into all my contests. I am new to creating an instructable and entering it.