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Mushroom Lamps! Answered

Fungi are kind of fascinating in general and everyone should be able to appreciate a good lamp. This combination offers both in one awesome place! The home site for the artist is in Japanese but we found it via a blog post on Tokyobling's Blog

"Someone" should do an Instructable! 


Mushrooms are pretty easy to make with polymer clay. You can color the translucent clay with powdered pigment. https://www.instructables.com/id/Luminous-Mushroom-Night-Light/


I've looked at this too many times, such a cool project. Moving it to my short list of things to make.

Does anyone know a good way to stain hot glue?? I have my instructable half done and i have little mushrooms lying around but my LED's are weak and I need new ones as well as heat shrink.

Probably have better luck with spray paint or air brushing. Can't think of a stain that would work. Maybe dry brushing would work.

Was considering it but then the leds won't shine through. Was really hoping to have it done by now but my LED's refused to evolve into much brighter water clear blue leds. bought some of ebay should restart project soon


Do you have anything else to do than type in caps? Perhaps write an instructable "how to write annoying pointless comments in CAPS LOCK"

Deal. But seriously, seeing how you now own some of ebay, you should spread the love to instructables!

=) Sorry
I'll post when i actually get them, Ebay items are so slow for us.
Have fun

Have you tried using the cellophane wrapper from a sweet? Unfortunately, I don't have one to try, but I'll bet they melt using either a heat gun or air dryer. They may also dissolve in a solvent to make a paint. You can also get glass paint or one of those "make your own stained glass" kits. This is a great idea though, thanks for showing it.

i'll try to make an instructable tonight

Started this project tonight =) got the master ready so i have to make a mould tomorrow

Slightly tinted silicone for that mushy feel, stick an LED in it before it cures. When cured attach two wires to each leg and wrap them in shrink plastic-tubing (or whatever it's called) for the foot. Drill some holes in the piece of wood, make a larger hole on the bottom side for a battery. attach a switch (perhaps a mushroom without a foot?) Assemble. Victory! For epic victory use clear silicone and RGB-LEDs - and perhaps some kind of multi selector or whatnot. Guess that'll be just a tad trickier (:

Thats exactly what i was thinking when i first saw this except with hot glue instead of silicon. I have a whole empty weekend in front of me so If i wake up in time i'll try to make an instructable

Actually that's a really good way of going about it! Care to show it off?

I'm getting a large order of LEDs in before long but short of silicon and paint I wouldn't know how to do the silicon bit.

So, third time's a charm: Here in sweden we have a kind of miniature cup cake form which could easily be used for such things. It's made out of thin foil and could easily be shaped to the desired... well, shape. It even has the ridges (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ischoklad). I'm guessing ordinary, clear sanitary silicone (for bathrooms or perhaps aquariums(?)) and... Well, pour it in the re-molded ice chocolate cup and let it cure. Should be as simple as that. Show it off? Perhaps if i find the time and/or motivation, have some exams to do first. :D I'm guessing an ordinary glue gun could be used instead of the whole silicone mess. And you should try to make the ice chocolate (http://sv.wikibooks.org/wiki/Ischoklad), it's tasty!

Ah, translucent silicone sealant is a great idea! You could probably make about 300 mushrooms with a single tube of the stuff.

That's awesome! Thanks for the links, sounds delicious.

is it work?)


7 years ago

Make it solar! Use a solar garden light for the electronics. A mould and a gluegun would be an easy solution for the mushroom caps.

Thinking about this some more..... The REAL glowing mushrooms in nature are very similar to the pictures (except they are green), the top of the mushroom is normally darker than the rest. Maybe place a dot of paint on the very tip of the LED before you insert it so the sides light up more than the tip. Just for added realism. I'm thinking about doing my first instructable.... LOL

I already have everything I need, just have to carve a mushroom cap. We just moved and I'm not exactly sure where my carving knife ended up. Searching my boxes......

Take a stick or dowel and carve it in the shape of the mushroom cap. Then use a propane torch held a few inches from a plastic milk jug (moving back and forth) until it turns clear. Quickly push your carved stick into the plastic and hold it there for a few seconds (might be easier with two people). Now remove the stick and you have a perfect mold to put silicone into. I would spray it first with some mold release. Squeeze some silicone out onto some wax paper or glass and work some kind of dye into it then using a popsicle-stick put the colored silicone into a large syringe and have at it. We used to make the cones for blowgun darts this way (minus the silicone, just use the plastic cone) using a round pointed chisel instead of a stick. Then you put the cone into the end of the blowgun and cut it off with a razor. Perfect fit every time. I could clarify with pictures if you need me to.

It just occurred to me that we use heat guns to bend acrylic all the time here in the lab. If you cut a disc from it you could easily just warp it the same way you make bowls from old phonograph records. You'd get that glossy look and it'd take paint fairly well.

I think I prefer glass but that's obviously problematic for most of us.

Beautiful! - Despite the pro gardening 'rule' that stuff looks better in odd numbers, the two groups of two are perfect. And that blue... As for building one, well the electrics should be simple enough - a couple of triple-A's, or button-cells, connected to one or two LED's, with fibre-optic cables used as the stalks to carry the light into the mushroom caps. I'd have to hide that ugly switch, though! As jeff-o says, the caps would be the most difficult. But you don't necessarily NEED an actual glass-blowing oven - I remember, some 35-40 years ago, doing an experiment in drying something out in a jam (jello, to our American friends) jar on top of a fire guard (and, actually, off to the side of the gas fire, so it didn't even get the full heat), and the heat cusing the jar to soften and become mis-shapen. Not that I'm suggesting that in this case, just pointing out how easy it is to start melting glass. For example, I expect you can buy tiny ovens for enamelling jewellery - and enamel is a form of glass. So the 'only' difficulty then would be a mould to blow the glass into... And then there'd be the question of attaching the caps to the stalks, whilst allowing the light to illuminate them...

Well, a dab of epoxy would take care of attaching the caps. But yeah, a mold and oven are the trickiest, along with colouring the glass, etc. Oh, and we call it 'jam' over here too - jell-o is something completely different. :) Though I do wonder, could this be done with plastic, maybe? Maybe from a milk jug or something?

Ah, sorry about the 'jell-o' thing - I was getting mixed up with the common belief Americans call 'jam' 'jelly' (and, probably, your 'name'). Epoxy? - Yes (I should have thought of that!). A clear plastic (or an acetate) could be coloured with a permanent marker (an old, drying-out one, so it's not too dark), but would be much harder to melt and re-mould with any degree of consistency, because they don't tend to hold their moisture too well unless they're in a VERY controlled atmosphere and temperature (glass does, which is why it's almost 'infinitely' recyclable). And, of course, you can get coloured acetates ( there are some posts in the Photos section that tell you how to get free samples and/or get accurate colours printed onto clear acetate more cheaply than actually buying whole sheets that you might not need). Then again, it might be interesting to try colour-changing LED's and a cloudy 'acid-etched' looking material.

Jam: a preserve made with real fruit Jelly: a preserve made with fruit juice and gelatin Jell-o: artificially flavoured gelatin Jeff-o: a modification of my real name, that I made up a long time ago in grade 6. I was thinking of using a high density polyethylene material, rather than an acetate. But yes, colouring with a permanent marker would work quite well. Plenty of colours, cheap, and easy to use.

The first two, I knew; the last, I pretty-much guessed (except the"long time ago in grade 6"!); the third was where my confusion (and prejudice?) was rooted - so thanks for putting me straight, and I apologise to everyone, offended or not, for perpetuating the myth. But, anyway, another good thing about permanent markers would be the possibility (with fine-enough tips) of drawing (tiny!) images - but that's probably going too far... for now... - ;) And for general colouring of the caps, glass paints might be interesting to work with, too.

Haha, no worries, I bet no-one really cares too much about the difference between jelly and jam. :) But yeah, you could draw neat little images, like frogs or fairies or whatever.


7 years ago

I was thinking the same thing - surely someone can recreate this, right? Hmmm, now how to make those mushroom caps. Glass blowing isn't a skill I've picked up yet, and probably never will, due to the lack of a glass-blowing oven!

. Would they have to be glass? How about pipe cleaners and some crepe paper? Other materials?

Maybe it could be done with some sort of thermoplastic...

. Good idea. Sounds like that would be much more durable than crepe paper and easier to work with than glass. I'd look for round discs of the color I wanted and see if I could find/make a mold. Place disc on top of mold, heat until plastic droops into mold. YMMV.

Yeah, could work... I shall investigate further...

I'll try