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Music Equipment- What IS this stuff? Answered

This equipment belonged to my friend's late son who passed away unexpectedly.  

I'm trying to help her sell it, but first I need to know what it is and if it has any value?  

I trust the knowledge of this community and would appreciate any information/advice you can offer.

TIA- Thanks in advance!



6 years ago

RE: the Zoom 505 multieffect pedal--it's a pedal that's one of the most reviled by the effect intelligentsia  (I happen to own one :-), they were only $30 USD online at the time), but it's pretty cool for a beginner. A big bonus--they work great as a headphone amp, just plug your electric in and no one else can hear.

Good patch cables cost $5 or more, and good guitar cables about $10-15. Yeah, there must be a young aspiring musician who would appreciate the donation...

Thanks for your input gmoon.


6 years ago

I'm most sorry to hear about your friends son (in more ways than I care to list or share). I'd like to suggest giving it to a friend the son my have played, rocked out, jammed, practiced, learned, or shared his talent with. It is amazing what one of those items could mean to a friend. SERIOUSLY.......from squabbling over an item, repairing an item, meeting the first time, or even being hit upside the head with one of them. Its worth the legwork because I bet more than his parents miss him as well........ I guess my point is this: I felt horrible selling my Dad's "stuff" to pay for his funeral and the smiles I got giving his worldly possessions away.....F'n priceless!

You know... I think this is a wonderful idea. I will ask her how she feels about it.
Thank you!!!

Ah Mary, mim, sorry to hear this. I think last suggestion is a winner. And you are too..hugs M

Its an honor to know my troubles and experiences can help others. I'm still coping and it helps a lot. Is it an outlandish idea to send a heartfelt instructables card or something? I bet rounding up some folks for that would be easy :)

I think that's a very sweet idea. Essie is 78 years young, but she doesn't have or use the internet.

She seems to be coping pretty well, all things considered.

I'll be seeing her next month and decided to approach her with the donation idea in person. I'm confident she'll be amenable to the idea.

(((hugs))) to you both, Mary and Mark. You are very special "peoples". ;_)

That second picture has the word "distortion" on the far right so I would guess a fuzz box of some sort that creates different sounds from a guitar feed. Much like the lever on an electric guitar gives that waa waa sound this may have several sounds it can create.

Thank you Goodhart Greatheart. ;-)

You're welcome...and send my condolences to the family.

Guitar pedals, tuners, cables and a power supply for one of them.

Looks like a collection of guitar tuners.... but then again, I'm no expert on that. ;-)

They are mostly older model electric guitar accessories, so maybe ebay and you might fetch:

zoom 505 guitar multi-effects pedal $15
dan-echo echo guitar effect pedal $50
unknown guitar tuner $10
Korg GT-3 guitar tuner $15
patch cords and whatever the power supply wall wart, not worth the shipping

Find a high school kid that just wants to shred on their electric guitar and give it to him/her. New digital effects pedals now combine all that stuff and more under $100.

Another great suggestion!

The value doesn't mitigate dealing with eBay.