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Music LED Sync? Answered

for the circuit in the pic can I use the transitor listed here  instead of TIP31, SMD LED Strip instead of the 4 LEDs, and can I power it with an ATX Power Supply as it also has 12v DC output????
Thanks in Advance.....


I can't see the transistor you're interested in in the link, but here you won't need high power handling, you just need a high gain - shoot for Hfe >>500.

well but tip 31 itself has hfe of min 20???
Then how come the world is syncing their LEDs to music with those TIP31s ???

Its a dumb choice. Just because lots of people use it doesn;t make it less of a dumb choice.

well, will these do??


4 years ago

You need a series resistor with the LEDs

this is how.

a gain.gif

Or a better circuit

aa gain.GIF