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Music Managment Soloution ? Answered

Ok, i have a problem.

My iTunes library has 1200 songs in it, not a massive number i know, But the thing is all this music is spread over so many genres and many time periods.
Personally i think the way we view music is appalling, iTunes looks like a spreadsheet, my playlists are alphabetical and i cant reorganise them. Its a very boring system and for a creative person its almost impossible to find, group and remember what i like and what i want to listen to.

Anyway i cant change that. So my problem is as i have grown up I've been through a number of phases. I used to like rock then heavy metal, briefly pop, then rock and now for the last two years I've been very big on electronic. I love everything about this genre and its grown massively since i have grown up. Now I only like a few of the old rock songs.

Its really annoying trying to navigate this library, since all my music is mixed up.

  • Do i go through my library and keep all my favorite songs, deleting everything else ?
  • Do I keep all the music I don't listen to and invest alot of time into constantly managing the playlists, and never use shuffle ?

  • How do you manage your music, and do you listen to one genre or multiple ?

Hopefully soon someone will design a visual, personal way of listening to music, because i'm not an accountant, and my music isn't financial data...



8 years ago

 What I do is scan through quickly, search for artists you like and songs you can remember the names of and check them.

Then create a playlist of the checked songs (use smart playlists) and then take from those the ones you want to listen to most.

Also set your iPod to download only checked songs, and then only specific playlists if needed.

I forgot about the checked songs function, thanks ill give that a go !

 You can also sort by times played so you can find the songs you listen to most.

 Well, most the time I listen to music according to what band I fancy listening to, most of the time I listen to an album, not a genre, or song.

This makes it very easy to manage, I basically used the spotlight search inside itunes to locate the band, or album I want. iTunes does a fast job of indexing and finding my music.

I have a smart playlist that I use for shuffling called "Stuff I listen to" and the criteria are:

Artist is not "The Avalanches" (As i have a mix by them i listen to far too often which has lots of very short tracks, annoying for shuffling"

Play count is greater than 5

Last Played is in the last 1 month

This works for me just fine, YMMV.

1,200 not a massive number? I don't understand how people can listen to that many songs.
I only have about 100 on mine. (I still need to add more though)

I just make a "smart" playlist for each band, and another one for each genre. I end up with tons of playlists, but it's still easier than leaving it as is (I have about 6,000 songs, over 30GB)

I have the same problem as you and I have found a solution.  You create two smart playlists: Junk and For iPod.  Set the rules as pictured.  Only set your iPod to sync the 'For iPod' playlist.  Set your iPod on shuffle and when you come across a song that you don't want any more, rate it 1* and skip it.  It will be removed from your iPod the next time you sync. 


Well,  I can only answer this part:   
  • How do you manage your music, and do you listen to one genre or multiple ?

Since I don't have a lot of music on my computer.   MOST of what I do have is classical or progressive rock  (ELP, TSO,  etc).  They are pretty much all in one folder, and I put them on my iPod when I want to listen to them so I am not chewing up computer time.   :-)